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Over The Hills And A Great Way Off - Chapters 1-22

This story has rather a long history, which is fitting, since it is rather a long story. It was started a good few years ago, but spend some time idling on my hard drive while I attempted to sort out some plot-and-location points. Then the very magnificent Storm Constantine wrote "Student of Kyme" which solved all these problems in one fell swoop, so I had no choice but to finish it!

The story is set in Immanion and Kyme, just after the end of "Shades", and features Rue, Cal, Pell, and the usual suspects from the Hegemony. And also a character who could technically be considered canon, since he does get a very brief mention in "Enchantments". but I must admit that I did flesh him out a fair bit! :-)

You don't need to have read "Student of Kyme" for the story to make sense - I seized upon the happy co-incidence of the Great Library of Kyme in that book because it fitted exactly with what I needed for my Exciting Plot Device, but I was very pleased to be able to incorporate both parts of the Wraeththu world into the story. And "Student of Kyme" is well worth reading, if you haven't already.

Characters: Starring Caeru, Cal, Pellaz, and a noisy and intrusive Original Character. Supporting roles by Tharmifex, Ashmael, Velaxis and other members of the Hegemony, plus An Innkeeper of Kyme and Various Other Hara Of That Town.
Spoilers: The story takes place just after the end of "Shades", so the gentle reader is assumed to have a working knowledge of all the shit that has gone down up until then.
Warnings: Not a lot of sex. I know! I am so ashamed! I will try to do better next time, I promise! (I was concentrating on teh Plot! I can't do Plot! *and* sex! Gimme a break!) Also long.

As always, the whole shooting match belongs to Storm Constantine and I have had far too much fun fiddling with it on the sly. A place in hell assuredly awaits.

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